The Right Heart for Money

It’s entirely possible to do everything right and to build wealth efficiently, and still be completely miserable. In fact, the drive to be frugal and to micro-manage your money can even become a heavy burden in and of itself. There’s more to wealth than cold, hard cash. You’ve got to have an intentional, genuine heart for how it fits into your life.

We’ve all seen them: the people who, as Dave Ramsey has put it in his Financial Peace University, hold their money with a tight fist. They’re so afraid of losing any that they clamp down and become ulta-defensive of their wealth. They’re miserable. I think we’re all called to something better than that. Hold your money with an open hand, ready to give. Yes, some will leave. But, then again, your hand is now open to receive more. Those who bless others are often blessed themselves.

To quote a famous and often abused passage: “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” -1 Timothy 6:10 (Emphasis mine).  We’ve all heard this, but not always with those three vital words included. Money is a tool, and nothing more. It can be used for good or evil, and that depends completely on the user’s choice. The amount of money doesn’t matter. It could be a little or it could be a lot. Either way, the heart with which you approach interaction with it is what will decide whether it blesses or brings grief to you and those around you. Envy is as bad as greed, and both should be avoided wherever and whenever possible.

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About Taylor Kothe

I'm a husband, accountant, and sometime blogger from Tulsa, Oklahoma. My passion is for personal finance, especially as it relates to teaching everyday people how to handle their everyday incomes and expenses. If you've ever found yourself lost in a rising tide of strange financial terms and incomprehensible policies, you're far from alone. So let's put our heads together and see if we can de-mystify some of the financial challenges that we all face.

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