How Well are You “LinkedIn”?

Networking will be remembered as possibly the definitive buzz-word of the current decade- and for good reason. Simply put, it works. The more people you know and who’ve been impressed by you the more likely you are to find a job or other business opportunity by referral. It’s a big trend in business right now, and there are opportunities in it for everyone. In fact, just a few hours ago I spent over an hour talking to a friend who’s considering making a career of it: being the middle-man who puts people and opportunities together. More power to him! My current job is a result of networking, so if he can monetize the networking process I think he’ll do very well.

The article I’ve linked below contains some really excellent tips on how to avoid common mistakes in one of the fastest growing networking areas: LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social network created for working professionals. I think it’s also a huge resource for students like myself. Simply put, it’s an online resume. You can list your work experience, skills, volunteer history, and much more. The basic key, though, is to be professional. So if you’re on the job hunt right now, check it out. It can’t hurt to have your name out there in a few more places.

(Note: Apologies for the bad link formatting. I’m still trying to develop my understanding of the blog’s mechanics, and that particular one seems to be pretty poor.)

To access LinkedIn: LinkedIn

The article itself: Yahoo Article

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