Food for Business Thought

First, please forgive the hokey title. 😉

Recently I traveled to El Salvador as part of a business missions and outreach team. On that one week trip we did ministry and gave presentations on basic business topics at a university in San Salvador called USAM. All that was great, but one other thing that really stuck out to me on the trip was this: the food.

Anyone who’s been to a non-1st World country knows what I’m talking about here, before I say a word. The food there was simply amazing. We ate a lot of the local foods, especially pupusas, as part of learning the local culture. But here’s the thing: not only did the food please the tastebuds, it was completely genuine. And those who made it love what they do. I don’t think we realize just how fake and processed our food is here in the U.S. Since I’ve been back I’ve had a hard time finding TexMex I can stand to eat, because it’s such a poor imitation of the types of food I encountered there.

The food was good- so what? What’s the point? The point is this: the restaurants here often have better quality ingredients than those did. That is, the “healthiness” is better. Don’t get me wrong- I appreciate our super-low risk of food-borne sickness. But that doesn’t change the fact that its “healthiness” or “higher quality” doesn’t in any way compare to the genuineness of the Salvadorian food.

So is it enough to have the “highest quality” or “best product” in your given business? Will that satisfy the customer most? In my opinion, that won’t win out against a genuine, is-what-it-is product and/or experience delivered with passion and heart.

Genuineness. Es Chivo.

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