How Does the News Impact You?

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Link: Original Article by Mike Maddock

Do you ever feel like the news has nothing good to say? I certainly do, as does Mike Maddock in the article that inspired this post. If you have a few minutes, check out the link above for an interesting read.

The first sentence of the article immediately caught my attention: “Some of the most creative people I know decided long ago not to watch TV news.” It stuck out to me because I decided a few years ago to stop watching news on the TV myself. It just seemed so depressing, and the 4-to-1 ratio of commentary to news didn’t help.

I don’t mean to brag about myself there. The real point is that I hope the generally more positive attitude that Mike later notes for people who get off the media train will prove true in my life also. I certainly wouldn’t mind a boost to creativity and/or innovation while I’m at work. Would you?

I think the article hits on a truth: What you choose to bring into yourself has a direct impact on what you express out of yourself. Even the “normal” day-to-day stuff that’s an order of magnitude less horrible than the Sandy Hook massacre is enough to bring down your mood and dull your focus and optimism. That’s going to show through on the job, and if it’s impacting you consistently it’s going to show through consistently.

My recommendation? Find a way to get news in less than 30 seconds. Be informed, but don’t linger to the point that it ruins your day.


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