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Back from the Holidays

I’d like to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Also, we didn’t die on the 21st. Turns out ancient indians just aren’t that reliable. Or rather, our pointless hyping of something into a monster it never was just isn’t that reliable.

In other news, I’ve received my grades for the Fall 2012 semester. (Disclaimer: I tend to hold myself to standards that sometimes verge on crazy, so some of my thoughts might seem a bit odd to you.) I was actually a bit shocked that I maintained my usual grades given the unusually demanding semester I had. My Undergrad GPA for the semester was a 3.92! I did lose my Grad School 4.0, though, falling 3.8 points (or about 0.5%) short of an A…talk about aggravating. I’d almost rather have been further from an A rather than be so close and not get it.

Look for some new posts from me soon. I’ll probably put a few more up on IRAs before finding a new topic.

Finally, good luck to everyone returning to school and to all the auditors, tax staff, and corporate accountants out there who’re staring the next several months in the face!




My Blog Marketing Grade

HubSpot's Marketing Grader

While checking out Lesley Carter’s amazing travel & adventure blog, I found a link she included to a website that grades blogs’ marketing: Curious, I decided to see how I fare. When I plugged in the requested info (nothing more than my blog’s URL and my email address), I got a pretty decent surprise: a score of 78/100.

Blog Marketing Grade

That seems like a good start to me- at least, given that I’m a busy college student and haven’t had the time to post as much as I’d like. Even better, it offered some great tips on how to improve my blog’s marketing…and didn’t bury me in spam! So I’m going to work on a few things and see where that takes me. I’ve always been a (nearly) straight-A student. So even if a 78’s not bad given my circumstances, I’m shooting for 90+.

Any tips you may have are definitely welcome! The more I look around, the more I realize that this blogging thing is a lot deeper than I expected. I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me.


Thanks for reading,